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sarah, how was your night with joe? oh, the band never came on, cooper got sick, and i got vomit on my brand-new ankle boots. if you want me to babysit next weekend, i can. thank you. (nora) okay. i still can't quite believe it. it was like sleeping with a greek god. , my god. oh, my god. the size of his-- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. mother present. are you gonna see this greek god again? boot camp's in an hour. yeah, if you have enough stamina left to work out. (kevin) i do. hi, sorry i'm late. (tommy) hey. i brought muffins. ooh! yeah, i-i could go a muffin. i'll take one for the road. i gotta get going. uh, yeah, i really should get going, too. i promised saul that i would review holly's winery proposal. (quietly) milk it for all it's worth. (beeping) you know what? i hear the washing machine. it's beeping. i'll be right back. wow. did i forget deodorant or something? um, honey, about last night... i'm sorry. you know i think you're the most beautiful,
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sexy woman in the world. i already know how you can make it up to me. well, i'm ready, baby. wherever, whatever, you name it. how's tonight in the living room? i'm there. good, 'cause i rented every single "die hard" movie, and i got you some of that belgian beer you like. (laughs) are you kidding me? "die hard 3"? yeah, well, i didn't know. (chuckles) (up-tempo dance music playing) hey. oh, hey. um, how are you-- how are you feeling today? fine, man. you? hey, mister. baby. hi. i thought you were gonna save me a spot. i am. this is, uh, kevin. you remember i told you about him, right? oh, yeah, kevin, hi. you were there for the 3-pointer. yeah. michelle just got back into town this morning. h-how was, uh, how was new york?
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they loved her, man. she got rave reviews. stop bragging. it was wonderful, thank you. great. mind if i take that spot? i haven't seen this guy for a while. of course, no, no, sure. absolutely. (michelle) thank you. hey, uh, later we should grab a smoothie or something. sure. yeah, great. well, what the hell is he thinking? you tell the chairman that i'll be there. the comm next week. ces is meeting next week. davids is introducing a joint resolution calling for a freeze on military spending, including death benefits for families of military personnel. oh. you saw it? i did. page 4. we should've at least got page 2. oh, i talked to everybody. i told them that we're not... no, no, i--yeah, i know. noreen told me, thanks. i did get an earful this morning from my ex-wife-- did you... want her to see us together? kitty. well, it just--you're just not upset at all. i'm not. i wanted to have dinner with you,
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and if i'm honest, then, yeah, i'm glad she saw me out with a beautiful woman. does that make me petty? yeah. but it also makes you human. oh, and i think i know what davids is up to. i think he's trying to force you into defending a budget increase, and i think he's gonna spin it around, and he's gonna try to make you look hawkish. us--make us look hawkish. you're on the team now. come on. we're late for a staff meeting. yeah. right. right. i think that we should compile a list of all the beneficiaries of the death benefit, and that way, when the committee sees the actual family members-- they'll have to think twice about the ramifications. and you should definitely speak to a-a veterans group. what about elaine berland at the "journal"? yeah, call her. call her. she'll sink her teeth into this. also--and mary howard at "the post," and we should tip her, too. you are very good. well, that's why you hired me. excellent decision on my part. well, i'm glad you think so. we'll go with that one. thanks. all right. (claps hands) let's go, people.
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confirmed. >> an anxious nasa control room erupts in celebration as
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mars rover curiosity lands safely on the surface of the red planet tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. ama dates has the night off. the excitement over the mission to mars has been building for weeks. these are the first images coming from the mars rover curiosity that had a successful landing just moments ago. we have team coverage tonight of the historic moment. abc news reporter thomas roman is live at the space and science center. we begin with abc7 news reporter wayne freedman at nasa aimes at moffett field where people gathered to watch history unfold. wayne? >> alan, they left happy, but do you want to talk tense? there were thousands of people in here holding their collective breath. it may have been an unmanned robot spacecraft, but in a lot of ways it carried everyone on planet earth who was watching. let's take a look at that moment in jpl when they got their confirmation. >> touchdown confirmed. we are safe on mars.
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>> [cheering] >> we are wheels down on mars. >> by the time they relayed the information curiosity had been on mars for seven minutes. look at the mix of triumph, relief and then unbridled joy as curiosity sent back the first images of the surface. thumbnails as they call them from each corner of the rover showing how sits and how it fares. it is the best possible outcome sharing this experience which is one reason why they came to watch at nasa aimes tonight. >> in a sometimes cynical, sometimes idealistic world it took an attempted landing on a different one, mars, to bring all of these people back to the aimes research center. >> this is eight and a half months of waiting at the end of a long mission. >> there are not too many mars landings in my lifetime, so i am glad to see one. >> it took the curiosity rover from space to the surface of
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mars. from an entry feet of 13 kilometers per second to 0 in ser harrowing minutes. a one-ton rover lowered to the red planet under an untested rock pet power landing device, the most ambitious landing attempt on an alien world since neil armstrong and apolo 11. >> they have to do a punch of things at improper times and improper places that you have to gauge what is on the surface below you. you have to gauge your elevation and you have to make decision based on what is the best place for landing jie. we are talking about a system that is adaptable. it will adapt to changes. >> yes. it is uh president ad together environment this is residing. >> to roam in an ancient crater and then climb a mountain in the middle, reading a geological history of mars while evaluating layers of sediment. curiosity mott so much looking for -- not so much looking for signs of life, but evidence that life once existed there.
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this mission is about carbon and organic molecules. they are searching for the building blocks of life. >> but they will not be looking for the building blocks immediately. it will be several days for engineers to check the system on curiosity to make sure everything is functioning smoothly before they send it on the expaw business. expedition. curiosity is in good shape. but there will be a press conference from jpl hopefully with more details. this has been a major scientific feet. it is a landing for the ages and one that may help answer some questions of the ages. live at nasa ames, wayne freed map, abc news. wayne freedman,abc news. now to thomas roman who is live at the space and science center in oakland who closed down for the night just minutes ago. thomas? >> that's right. it was a standing room only crowd here at the center. people who were leaving now are all leaving with smiles on
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their faces. the news that rover curiosity landed successfully was greeted with cheers by mass saw and the science center crowd and their young. >> the space and science museum attracted a huge crowd. christopher bell who wants to be an astronomer said what curiosity would find once it starts its survey of the red planet. >> i think they might find cc life, you know, germ bacteria. >> you don't think there is smart life on mars? >> not smart life. >> he came to experience not only the rover landing, but also how craters are formed on the planet. they drop ball bearings on a
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surface like mars. for 12-year-old mckenna connors, sign yens reaching across the space to deposit a car on mars was -- >> well, you are thousands of billions of miles away from where this machine is doing its work, and you are able to control it. >> nasa says there was no margin pour air with curiosity. that's what concerned allison martin. >> i hope it goes well and they find out a lot about mars, like if there was life on -- if there was ever life, maybe if there is life now. >> and if there is life now, allison wonders how they might see us. >> we might call them aliens, but they may call us aliens. >> especially if we are landing on their planet. >> the one thing they shared was a moment of history they may never forget. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. now to get to the surface of
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mars curiosity had to survive entry into the atmosphere, and thanks to some bay area workers it did. scientists at nasa aimes research center in mountain view worked on a heat shield. it was made to withstand temperatures up to 4,000 degrees fahrenheit. it is almost half of the temperature of the surface of the sun. a job well done. now stay tuned. for continuing coverage on the mission to mars, we will have the latest tomorrow and you can keep up with the mars mission on as well as on twitter and our pages. now to that deadly shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. they are treating it as a domestic terrorism case. they were gathering for sunday's service when a man walked into the temple and started shooting. the gunman took the lives of six people before being killed by a police officer. that officer was with threeong with three others. >> this is a big tragedy for our church.
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we always felt this was a safe place. we never thought this could happen ever in my church. >> investigators will spend the night combing not only the scene at the temple, but the suspect's home not far from the temple. they are looking for any information about the man they only described as being in his 40s. sikhs in the bay area gathered to pray tonight and abc7 news reporter lilian kim is at a temple in san jose where many are expressing concern for their own safety. lilian? >> alan, word spread quickly at temples in the bay area including here in san jose. this is the largest sikh temple in the u.s. members of the sikh community are praying for those in wisconsin while at the same time wondering how it will affect things at home. >> i'm sure young children and people will be asking a lot of questions. they will be afraid to come to the temple. >> he is said to be the -- it is said to be the largest sikh
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temple with about 10,000 members. police have stepped up patrols in the area. but the leadership says while they appreciate such efforts this is not the time to live in fear jie. it teaches us not to be afraid of ings like this. things like this. there is no need to panic. >> they have had extra police patrols as well. here members held a special service in honor of the shooting victims. many have been wonder figure what happened in wisconsin was the result of confusion over the religion. since 9/11 members of the seas faith have been mistaken for muslims. >> it is unfortunate we are having no say in the turmoil of the world. we are targeted because of that. >> it has its roots in india and not the middle east. it is also the world's fifth largest religion. >> we are not a shoot off of any religion. >> as much as it may have rattled the members of the
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community, it goes beyond their faith. >> i am hoping with focus on gun control and thesish issues we can help these things. it is sad our kids have to grow up in a world where they randomly -- where they worry about people randomly dying. >> in san jose, lilian kim, abc news. >> thank you, lilian. death on a speedway in pennsylvania as lightning strikes a group of race fans. on the right of your screen you can see flashes of lightning into the pocono race way this afternoon. a 41-year-old man from pennsylvania died. another victim is in critical condition and eight other people were sent to the hospital. just ahead, a scary day for a ride. and a controversial pet program getting ready to kick off. >> and get ready for a hot
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some breaking news now from the east bay. right now richmond police are on the scene of a fatal shooting on west mcdonald avenue near first street. officers were called there a little after 9:30 p.m. tonight. police say one person was shot to death. a second person was injured. his injuries are not life-threatening. so far no word on a motive or suspects. in yuba city near sacramento a gunman held people hostage for four hours before surrendering. it happened near a big 5 sporting goods store. the gunman walked into the store shortly after 11:00 and grabbed the female cashier and fired a shot into the ceiling. the people in the store ran out, and the manager called 9-1-1. >> the manager did the right thing. the customers that were in the store did the right thing. obviously people's tensions are high. everybody reacted quickly, and they reacted responsibly.
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>> hostage negotiators talked the gunman into surrendering. they believe he intended 20 rob the store. turns out all superman needed was more power. superman the ride returned to action at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. it was shutdown for a week after a dozen people were stranded in the air last sunday. it it took a few hours after the pa, to reopen this morning and the ride stalled again, but just for 20 minutes. >> looked like the computers are out of sync. they tried two or three times. they road it three times without anybody ont. we got back on it and did the same thing. >> it was a combination of the power and the wait. basically this is very, very highly unusual event. >> officials say last week's problem resulted from the power supply not being strong enough. a continue controversial program that will supply panhandlers from animal
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shelters and is set to begin tomorrow. the plan is to get people living in city funded housing to give up panhandling. in exchange they will receive $50 to $75 a week to take care of the dogs. the two-month pilot program screens the panhandlers, but the animal rights group peta says the program is ill conceived. a recycling company hopes to change the way plastic bought el its are disposed of in china. they the plan to install the recycling stations in beijing. each bottle will give the customers credit to ride the subway. china produces an estimated three million tons of plastic bottles each year. >> you know it cleared out nicely. we were talking about showers and the few sprinkles moving across the bay area. this system, folks, around lunchtime, it moved out of here. now from the high definition camera you can see clear
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skies. much of the bay area is clear, although live doppler 7hd right now is picking up a little of the low cloudiness and fog. it is still off the coast in the golden gate bridge. but if you have the commute tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, they will be over the span there. you may need to allow for a little extra drive time. highs today with more sunshine, we came up nicely, antioch your high was 84. plenty of sunshine for santa rosa. it was 64 in san francisco. half moon bay managed 68 degrees and we managed 75 in san jose. this hour it is 62 in antioch. 58 in san rafael. san jose with clear skies over the neighborhood. 60 degrees. our highlights, we will keep it clear overnight and bring a little of the low cloudiness near the coast and the bay.
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sunny and mild for your monday afternoon and get ready for some hot temperatures near 100 degrees as we head into midweek time frame especially east bay locations. lows tonight generally widespread in the midto upper 50s. starting off tomorrow morning you will notice the low cloudiness extending toward the bay, the peninsula and near the coast. temperatures near the coast near 50 degrees or so by noontime. inland locations will ring up close to 80. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon 60s at the coast and 90s inland. we will start to shave some of the temperatures off closer to sunset time around 7:00 or so. now, here is a story for our upcoming workweek. the bubble of hot air in the central part of the country will slowly start to migrate back in our direction. the looks like the heat wave will a you fect the bay area -- will affect the bay area wednesday, thursdady
2:24 am
and possibly through next weekend as well.t the hot temperatures will be innd la locations. we will look for mild temperatures near the coast. in fact, here is a run down of what we kind of think the a this point. it is only sunday so the numbers could fluctuate a few degrees. you can clearly see oakland will start off wednesday in the thefts -- in the 70s, and thursday and friday in the 80s. livermore,100 degrees thursday and friday and even concord thursday and friday some of the hottest days near 100 as well. tomorrow enjoy the mild temperatures. 81 san jose. lots of sunshine for you in cupertino, 80 degrees. 63 for pacifica. palo alto, 76. we will go with 66 for san francisco. north bay, hovering in the low a rosa. oakland 72 degrees. 79 for fremont. interior east bay getting a little warm to mild. 92 for brentwood, 85 concord and 73 watsonville. tomorrow one of the coolest
2:25 am
days of the upcoming workweek. we turn the heat on thursday, friday, 100 degrees innd la. 90s around the the bay. 70s at the beaches and mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30 with an update. >> wow, it is going to be hot. thank you, leigh. we want to take this time to thank the people who hthousaf to raise thousands of dollars for foster children just by liking abc7's news on facebook. some of our new friends include tim b from fremont, steve t from san francisco and dedep from oaknd la. just like abc7 news on facebook right now and $1donatee donated to the abc7 sleep train dream campaign. please do that for us. rick quan is in for shu, and are the oakland a's cooling off after their hot streak? >> a little bit. there is still time for one of the wild card spots. the a's and jays wrap up their series at the coliseum. and the giants over power the rockies as they complete a
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pay dividends. the newly acquired right fielder had two doubles and three r.b.i's. san francisco completed a three-game sweep of colorado. peyton manning among those taking in the game at coors field. the rockies are amoung the worst teams among the league. the pitch gets by the catcher and pagan scores the game's first run. tim lincecum gets some defense in the fourth. he tags up, but cabrera guns him down with a strong throw to sanchez. he got the first of his fist two doubles in the fifth. he made it 4-1. san francisco broke it open with a three-run seventh. he drives in two when his base
2:29 am
hit gets away. 8-3 was the final. tomorrow the giants are at st. louis. at the coliseum, the a's game began under cool conditions. things heat up in the third. josh reddick takes him for a three-run blast. it was 4-run. encarnacion hits his 29th of the season. cocoa crisp 6789 -- crisp climbs the wall to no avail. escobar brings in two with the bases loaded single. trailing by one in the 9th and oakland had a man on. weeks' liner is snagged and he doubles him off to end the contest. the a's lose it 6-5 and they split the four-game set. when we come back, the nfl pre-season is underway. the saints and cardinals kick it e [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on.
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pro football returned tonight with the hall of fame game. new orleans took on arizona. saints' quarterback drew brees played one series. the drive with a one-yard touchdown run. kevin cob is in a battle for the cardinals' starting job, but his first pass is picked off by jenkins. two possessions later and cobb gets his first completion, but it is costly. he gets hit by ellis and
2:32 am
suffers bruised ribs. his replacement did leave arizona in a 14-play 90-yard drive. smith caps it off with a four-yard run. the point after ties it at 7. with 30 seconds left and daniels hit cadette who leaps into the end zone. new orleans wins it 17-10. >> it feels great. that's alled in of us -- that's all any of us wanted. it is great to compete of the the first game of the 2012 season being the hall of fame game we had a chance to get here early and see some of the hall of fame inductions which were awesome. >> we do have some sad gnaws to report. the oldest sun of eagles' head coach andy reid has been found dead at the team's training camp at lehigh university. 29-year-old garrett reid had a history of drug abuse, but was thought to have cleaned up his act in recent years. the cause of death is not known. no foul play was expected.
2:33 am
reid was helping the eagles' coaching staff in an unofficial capacity. at the bridgestone invitational jim furyk was one hole away from a wire to wire victory, but it wasn't meant to be. his first win in two years. he sinks this long birdie at 16. bradley began four strokes back. it kept him one stroke back. furyk lead by one and a terrible chip from the rough leaves him way short. bradley not in good shape, but he saves par with this clutch fitch teen footer -- 15 footer. he had to make this bogie putt to make the playoff. it was a first in the pga championship. and this abc7 sports report was brought to you by river walk casino. >> thank you very much, rick. well, still to come, wildfires continue to rage across oklahoma. but there is some good news
2:34 am
tonight. plus a war of words on the presidential campaign trail. and why social security may no longer be such a good idea for young americans.
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good evening. i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, members of a sikh temple in san jose held a prayer service for those killed in wisconsin. a gunman opened fire there wounding 10 people and killing six. the gunman was killed by police. curiosity has landed. the rover touched down on the surface of mars approximately an hour ago. a big crowd at ames research center in mountain view cheered when the rover landed. and the superman ride at six flags in vallejo was back
2:37 am
up and running. it was closed for a week following last weekend's incident where a dozen people were stranded on the ride. now to the on going disaster in oklahoma where raging fires got a powerful second wind sending families fleaing. more than 91 square miles was burned so far. >> once more fire had everything at its disposal. heat, high winds, no rain. out of control firestorms dotted the landscape. oklahoma residents fought back, but they were often futile efforts. >> the ceder trees look like dye dynamite going off. >> heat so intense it creates its own rare weather system. they are known as pie row cumulus clouds, only abated when the synds subside -- when the winds abated. they came to help a neighbor whose log cabin is now a pile of ashes. >> a lot of people lost a lot of stuff. it is heartbreaking.
2:38 am
>> a neighbor whose son died two years ago suffered the worst in the ashes. tyler spoke to him. >> he lost every picture he had of his kids. so he has nothing to remember him of his son that died. >> nearby, brothers keelan and kilin show the problem, heat and drought. they should be waist deep in water. >> it is hot. >> their father tries to put the best face on. >> you never know what will happen. >> fire knocked out power to hundreds of residences. marion blankenship whose home was spared by a few feet works to get a generator started. he was luckier than his neighbors. >> i figured it was gone. the lord had to have his hands on us. >> despite the fire and the heat and the drought, the people who live around here, the people who call themselves oakies say they are staying put like their fore fathers did.
2:39 am
many people who evacuated from their homes were allowed to return tonight, but a lot of emergency shelters are still open. crews are getting the control over fires burning across the state. dozens of lightning fires are now out. but there are still two major wildfires burning in california. the volcano fire in riverside county burned 355 acres and is 95% contained. the chips fire has burned more than 9,000 acres, about 920 miles north of sacramento. it is still under -- out of control ?ie. republicans are going after harry reid for his remarks about taxes and mitt romney. last week reid said he was told that the presumptive presidential nominee has not paid taxes for 10 years. the nevada senator has not offered evidence to back up his claim and the chairman of the republican party called
2:40 am
reid a, quote, dirty liar. summer vacation is almost over for lawmakers who returned to the state capital tomorrow. it will be the last chance for the democratic majority to persuade voters that a tax hike on the november ballot is needed, and the money won't be miss spent. the budget passed in june relies on voters approving the initiative to raise state fund and income taxes. are you retiring soon? you probably paid more in taxes than you will get in social security benefits. according to an analysis by the associated press, people retiring today are part of the first generationf workers who paid more than they will receive after they retire. previous generations go the a better bargain because payroll taxes were low when social security was enacted in the 1930s and remained so for decades. just ahead, a different type of power struggle jie. a homeowner's solar panel produces a lot more power than he uses. why does he have to give away
2:41 am
the excess for free? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and hi, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. if you are doing traveling back east tomorrow we will look at some travel destinations for you. and a look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast of the. >> and don't forget to stay ñ/&ñfñ!ñx for a special
2:42 am
well, more than 60,000 customers now 1r* rooftop
2:43 am
solar panels that supply electricity to their homes and businesses as well as pg&e and the power grid. one homeowner says he is giving away too much power for free. michael finney has that story. >> the reason i tbot -- i got them was because of the pitch they have on going green number one. >> 92-year-old harry is talking about the solar panels he installed on the roof of his home. 18 in all. they get so much sunshine around here harry is often generating more electricity than he uses. >> i like a little of the independence. >> he does get independent. on this summer day you can see him running the meter backwards. he is sending electricity to the pg&e power grid instead of taking it off the grid. harry received a $94 credit for his electric bill for june alone. it all seemed terrific. that is until harry received his year-end electric
2:44 am
statement from pg&e. >> it doesn't seem fair to me. they are taking what i generate and selling it someplace else. >> here is why he is upset. it is harry's annual true up statement that tells him how much electricity he generated and how much he used during the 12 previous months. it shows he used more power during the winter months than he supplied while in the summer he put out more electric -- electric priss teee. all totaled up he generated 310 more kilowatts than he used over the course of a year. he ended up with a credit of $279.98. however, harry found out he won't get that $279. and he won't get the credit either. what he will get is $10.35. >> we come to the end of the year and i am shown with a $200 plus credit, and i get $10 and something for it. where is all of the rest of it going?
2:45 am
>> harry called seven on your side, and we checked into exactly what happened to his credit. >> the program is not designed to help customers make money. it is designed to help customers reduce their electric bill. >> that's lyndsay. she points out the solar power rules are guided by a 1995 state law. here it is. public utilities code 2827. it created what is called the net energy metering. it lets the homeowners receive credit on their electric -- electricity bills they send to the grid. if they use more than they generate they must pay more. if they supply more energy than they use, their credit is wiped out. no rolling over. it is just gone. >> once a year their bill is reconciled in what we call a true up. what we mean is any outstanding charges owed and
2:46 am
any remaining credit is zeroed out. >> harry says it doesn't seem fair he gave away his extra energy to the power company. however, pg&e says the law intended only to let homeowners generate as much power as they use, not to become mini power plants. >> under the net metering legislation customers are required to size their systems to the annual usage. >> the puc declined an on camera interview for this story and referred us back to pg&e saying it is their customer and their issue. the california energy commission says it lacks jurisdiction over the net energy metering program. so harry is left without a credit, though he did get that $10.35. so why that amount? turns out other homeowners complained about giving away the surplus. now a new state law does provide a small payment to homeowners for their extra energy.
2:47 am
it is paid in a wholesale rate set by the state puc. that rate is now about $.03 cents per kilowatt hour. consumersconsumers are not intitled to be paid the full rate for their surplus electricity under the law. harry had a hard time, so we showed it to him, but still didn't make him happy. >> don't say i have a credit and tell me i don't have a credit. >> harry is upset because pg&e charges him $12 a month for electric tries distribution and public subsidees. he thought the fees were included in his credit. we reported that to the state puc, and they have agreed to investigate. we'll get back to you on that. and we will be talking to a state lawmaker who wants solar power customers to get paid more for their surplus electricity. we'll get back to you with that too. michael finney, 7 on your side. let's go now to meteorologist leigh glaser. we have plenty of sun to power
2:48 am
the solar panels today. >> we will need extra energy as we work toward the latter part of the work group. we will need the air conditioning. palm springs 111 degrees expected there. it is going to be hot in the central valley. fresno 102. 97 for sacramento. mild in comparison, lake tahoe tomorrow with plenty of sunshine, 81 degrees. quickly, live doppler 7hd picking up pretty heavy thunderstorms through new york city and back toward philadelphia, baltimore. i'm showing this to you because this line is going to intensity overnight, and really start to smack the east coast by tomorrow morning. if you have travel plans, washington, d.c. down toward atlanta, as you can see, you could run into some summer thunderstorms that could delay some flights of the 84 for atlanta tomorrow. it will be hot in dallas, 101. 112 in phoenix. 94 for denver. they will see some sunshine. around here, a mild day.
2:49 am
90 antioch, 85 concord, santa rosa wampling to 82 -- warming to 82. 66 in san francisco. palo alto 76. 85 morgan hill. 73 watsonville. enjoy tomorrow because the heat wave, well it will start to move in here as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday. mainly inland locations 100-degree heat. thursday, friday 90s near the bay, 70s at the coast. and of course the coast is where you will want to be on thursday, friday and saturday. >> thank you, leigh. rick quan is in for shu, and he wants to talk football. >> in the immortal words of hank williams, junior, are you ready for some football? yes, we are. the nfl pre-season kicks off tonight. and they are president
2:50 am
2:51 am
with andrew luck now a member of the colts, stanford has a huge void to fill as quarterback. the cardinals opened their training camp. right now it appears knotting ham and nunez are the favorites to replace luck. but coach david shaw says it is too early to name a starter. >> both guys look good. we have less than a 10th of our offense in right now. for day one, guys didn't hold the ball got the ball out on
2:52 am
time, called the play calls great and everybody was great. it was a good start for everybody. >> cal is hope toimg prove on a 7 and 6 season that ended with a loss to texas in the holiday bowl. he took a trip to new england so he could learn from belichick. he enjoyed the experience. >> oh yes, big time. had some great conversation with belichick, was able to watch a lot of tape and in some meetings. we will have some good conversations, and it was very worth while. >> after 181-day absence pro football returned with the hall of fame game. let's go to canton, ohio where new orleans took on arizona. drew brees only played one series, but looked sharp. he dumped it to pierre thomas. mark ingram ended it with a one-yard touchdown run. kevin cobb is in a battle for the starting job, but he is
2:53 am
picked off by malcolm jenkins. two possessions later and he gets his first possession, but it is costly. he gets hit and suffers bruised ribs. his replacement did lead arizona on a 14-play 90-yard drive. alfonso smith cap itself off with a run and the point after tied it at 7. with 30 seconds 4re69 the back up and it was the cadet who leaps across the goal line. new orleans goes on to win it 17-10. >> it feels great. that's all any of us wanted was to get on the field and start playing football again. it is great to compete. first game of this season being in the fall of fame, we had a chance to get here early and see some of the hall of fame inductions which was awesome. >> we do have some sad news to report. the soldest son of eagles' head coach andy reid has been found dead. at the team's training camp in
2:54 am
lehigh, university. garrett reid had a history of drug abuse, but was thought to have cleaned up. no foul play is expected. reid was helping the team's coaching staff in an unofficial capacity. with the giants beating the rockies today, the dodgers had to win to keep from losing ground in the west. the cubs tried their best to beat l.a. down by one in the 9th, rizzo ties it up with a solo shot over the wall. the dodgers came back in their half. ramirez ends the contest with a walkoff single. l.a. takes it 7-6 and remains a half game back of san francisco in the west. at this year's u.s. open, jim furyk held a late lead, but let it slip away. today he was trying to avoid more heartbreak at the bridgestone invitational. he lead on day one. he sinks this long birdie at 14 under and was up by two. one of his playing partners kept the pressure on by shooting a 64.
2:55 am
this birdie on 16 kept him one stroke back. furyk still lead by one. but a terrible chip leaves him short. he saves par with this amazing putt. that put him at 13 under. furyk had to make this putt for bogey to force a playoff, but it is no good. more disappointment as bradley takes the title. it is his first since winning last year's pga championship. it took a convoy of trucks to drive off pocono race way. leader jimmy johnson gets bumped by kenseth. both spinout. hamlin got the worst of it. jeff gordon took the lead and when thunderstorms caused the race to be called off after just 98 of the 160 scheduled laps gordon was declared the winner. it is his first victory of the season. >> we knew how badly we needed a win of the we got it. that's half the battle.
2:56 am
and now in my opinion, this only puts more pressure on us over these next several weeks. we are ready. we are ready for the challenge. >> and this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> and we were speaking about nfl football. >> this friday coming up, it is the 49ers and minnesota. a lot is expected o of the 49ers. they approve with randy moss and a couple of players with the giants. >> and raiders and cowboys on monday. >> monday night football. >> thank you, rick. well, coming up on our special midnight edition, nerves turn to excitement and celebration as the curiosity rover successfully lands on mars. the first images and what is ahead for nasa. and a bit of kryptonite at six flags. the pr their new superman ride.
2:57 am
2:58 am
this morning on "world news now," temple terror. the deadly shootings in a house of worship send shock waves around the world. >> the chilling stories from inside and what we're learning about the gunman and a motive. it's monday, august 6th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. we'll get the latest on the wisconsin temple shooting just in a moment and then take you to a tragic scene at a nascar track in pennsylvania. a bolt of lightning killed at least one fan during a storm so bad, the race had to be called. >> frightening story there. also this morning, the
2:59 am
ferocious fires in bone-dry oklahoma still burning this morning. you'll see the heartbreak, the challenge, and of course the battle continues against that widespread destruction in that area. it feels like a broken record because we've seen these fires so much over the last several weeks, and oklahoma now, its turn against mother nature. >> you wonder how they get started. that's the thing. then we'll lift the mood a bit by taking you to london where venus and serena williams, that's right, they look great in gold. and the fastest man in the world dazzled the olympic crowds once again. >> he has the perfect last name. >> doesn't he? >> bolt is right. you see serena's little dance on the court? >> i sure did. i'm obsessed with the olympics. >> you did not miss much. i liked that little dance, celebratory dance, very cool. >> i actually liked the runner with the prosthetic legs. >> i watched his race. that was amazing, too. >> oscar pistorius. amazing. >> inspiring story.

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